regenerations swansea 2013

Our 2013 guest lineup* is shown below - click on the image for biographies

Sylvester McCoy Peter Purves Louise Jameson Frazer Hines Deborah Watling
Sylvester McCoy
The 7th Doctor
Peter Purves
1st Doctor companion Steven Taylor
Louise Jameson
4th Doctor companion Leela
Frazer Hines
2nd Doctor companion Jamie
Deborah Watling
2nd Doctor companion Victoria
Sophie Aldred
Michael Jayston
David Warner
Colin Spaull Wendy Padbury
Sophie Aldred
7th Doctor companion Ace
Michael Jayston
The Valeyard
David Warner
The Doctor (Big Finish)
Colin Spaull
Lilt (Revelation of the Daleks), Mr Crane (Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel)
Wendy Padbury
2nd Doctor companion Zoe
Anneke Wills Sarah Sutton Stephen Thorne Matt Doman Paul Darrow
Anneke Wills
1st/2nd Doctor companion Polly
Sarah Sutton
4th/5th Doctor companion Nyssa.
Sponsored by Big Finish
Stephen Thorne
Azal, Omega, Eldrad
Matt Doman
Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Adventures. Sponsored guest
Paul Darrow
Maylin Tekker (Timelash), Captain Hawkins (The Silurians). Sponsored by Big Finish
Terry Molloy Lisa Bowerman Sarah Louise Madison Matt Fitton Mike Tucker
Terry Molloy
Guest interviewer
Lisa Bowerman
Karra (Survival), Bernice Summerfield (Big Finish)
Sarah Louise Madison
Weeping Angel. Sponsored guest
Matt Fitton
Big Finish writer. Sponsored by Big Finish
Mike Tucker
Visual effects
Michael Kilgarriff Peter Roy Ken Bentley David Richardson Jon Davey
Michael Kilgarriff
Cyber Controller (Tomb/Attack of the Cybermen), Giant Robot (Robot)
Peter Roy
Appearances in 18 episodes (from The Myth Makers to Resurrection of the Daleks)
Ken Bentley
Big Finish Director: 4th Doctor Adventures, Counter Measures. Sponsored by Big Finish
David Richardson
Big Finish Producer:4th Doctor Adventures, Counter Measures, Blake's 7. Sponsored by Big Finish
Jon Davey
Many Monsters! Sponsored guest
Barry Noble Nigel Fairs Sean Carlsen
David Bickerstaff
Michael Stevens
Barry Noble
Cyberman (The Moonbase)
Nigel Fairs
Big Finish writer, actor, composer
Sean Carlsen
Co-ordinator Narvin (Big Finish)
Guest interviewer
David Bickerstaff
Davros' actor for Big Finish
Michael Stevens
Producer of Doctor Who at AudioGO. Sponsored by Big Finish
Annette Woollett Keith Temple Charlie Ross
Annette Woollett
Adelaide Lesage (Horror of Fang Rock). Sponsored Guest
Celebrity steward
Keith Temple
Writer, 'Planet of the Ood'
Guest interviewer
Charlie Ross
Stand up comedian and Big Finish actor

*All guests appear subject to professional commitments.

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