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Guest Update:
Time for a New Series guest, please welcome Jamie Hill, who's portrayed The Foretold in Mummy on the Orient Express, and The Silence.

Guest Update: It's our great pleasure to welcome a Regenerations first-timer, Jacqueline Pearce. Jacqueline is of course well known for her role as Servalan in Blake's 7, as well as playing Chessene in The Two Doctors, and Miss Pendragon in the Russell T Davies series Dark Season. See our full guest line-up here

Guest Update: We're delighted to announce four new guests. Joining Anneke Wills in a reunion of the Troughton Companions will be Frazer Hines, Wendy Padbury and Deborah Watling. We'll also be joined by Horror of Fang Rock actor Annette Wollett (Adelaide Lestrange).

Event update:
Joining us as interviewer is Ryan Hendrick, creator of the Doctor Who fan film Besieged.

Guest Update: We're delighted to announce our latest guest, Philip Bond. Philip played Thal Ganatus in The Daleks. We also have two guests from behind the scenes. Clive Doig was the Vision Mixer at the very beginning, working on An Unearthly Child, The Daleks and several other Hartnell era stories. Roger Bunce was a Camera Operator whose many credits span the entire Classic Who era, from The Massacre, through Evil of the Dalek and Pyramids of Mars to Paradise Towers. Regrettably, Keith Temple is now unable to attend.

Event update:
With just over a year to go Regenerations is already a quarter full! The Village Hotel will be available to book after October 1st, but rooms can only be booked once you have registered for the convention. Instalment options are still available to spread the cost of a ticket.

Guest Update: Joining stalwart interviewer David Bickerstaff this year will be New Series writer Keith Temple and actor Sean Carlsen as guests and celebrity interviewers. Watch our guests page for details of guests as they are announced.

APRIL 2015
Event update:
In response to a number of queries, payment to attend Regenerations may be made in instalments, please contact the organiser at the email or postal address on the booking page for details.

Site/Guest Update: No, not an April Fool, Regenerations is back! We've redecorated, but under the skin it's the same convention you've come to know and love. The venue will be the Village Hotel, Swansea, on the 24th-25th Sepember 2016, and further details can be found on the about and booking pages.

Meanwhile, kicking off our guest list in style, we have no less than three Doctors, Colin Baker, Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy, and of course it wouldn't be Regenerations without Terry Molloy and Anneke Wills! We look forward to welcoming you to Swansea in 2016.

Site Update:
A photogallery for Regenerations 2013 is now online (at last!) - click here to view or via the archives page.

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