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Site Update:
A photogallery for Regenerations 2013 is now online (at last!) - click here to view or via the archives page.

Last Minute Guest Update:
We are delighted to be able to announce a couple of last-minute signing guests, Sousila Pillay, body double for Freema Agyeman, and Bob Baker, creator of K-9 (with writing partner Dave Martin) and co-writer on Wallace and Gromit, who'll be signing copies of his autobiography 'K9 Stole My Trousers'.

Event Update: Our webmaster is away for the next 2 weeks, so for any last-minute announcements please check out the Regenerations Facebook page

Guest Update: Unfortunately we have to announce some guest cancellations due to professional commitments. Both Dan Starkey and Mark Strickson are now filming, and Neve McIntosh's Edinburgh Fringe play has been picked up for a tour. All other guests have been confirmed.

Event Update:
Only a month to go! Our FAQ page is now up, with details of timings, autographs, photo studio etc.

Guest Update: We're delighted to welcome a convention first-timer, Annette Woollett. Annette appeared as Adelaide Lesage in The Horror of Fang Rock, and is attending Regenerations as a sponsored guest.

JULY 2013
Event Update: Regenerations 2013 is now sold out!

Tickets are still available for the performance of the play 'My Gay Best Friend' by Louise Jameson and Nigel Fairs on the Saturday evening at Regenerations. Tickets are £8, for full details click here

JUNE 2013
Achieve It!Event Update:
We have been able to add a further 30 places in the main convention hall, so now have 27 places left. The convention hotel is now fully booked for Saturday, but there are two other very reasonably priced hotels a short walk away: The Premier Inn (Waterfront Development, Langdon Road SA1 8QY, tel 0871 527 9212) or the Ibis (A483 Fabian Way, SA1 8LD, tel 01792 638800.

A small group of pupils from a local special needs school will be attending to offer their magazine (celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who) for sale in aid of charity. The magazine has an impressive cover by Who artist Mike Collins, and interviews with many Who actors, including Russell T Davies, Katy Manning and William Russell. Priced at just £3.50, we think this will sell out!

MAY 2013
Guest Update:
We're delighted to be able to welcome two of the Paternoster Gang, Neve McIntosh (Madame Vastra) and Dan Starkey (Strax). See our current guest list here

Guest Update: It's our great pleasure to welcome another companion, Sarah Sutton. Sarah played Nyssa opposite 4th/5th Doctors Tom Baker and Peter Davison, and is sponsored by Big Finish.

Event Update: There are just 20 tickets remaining - this will be the last Regenerations so don't miss out!

APRIL 2013
Guest Update:
It's time to do the Monster Mash! We have no less than three actors normally hidden beneath masks and prosthetics, Sarah Louise Madison, Matt Doman and Jon Davey. Sarah has played a Weeping Angel, most recently in The Angels Take Manhattan, while both Matt and Jon have appeared as Ood in the show, and as various monsters in the Doctor Who Proms. Sarah, Matt and Jon appear as sponsored guests. See our current guest list here

Guest Update: We're delighted to welcome back another Regenerations stalwart, Sean Carlsen. Sean has appeared in Who and Torchwood, and plays Co-ordinator Narvin for Big Finish.

Event Update: We're now down to just 30 tickets - this will be the last Regenerations so don't miss out!

MARCH 2013
Event Update:
It's our great pleasure to be able to screen part two of Ryan Hendrick's fan film Beseiged. The film will be screened on the Saturday evening prior to the performance of 'My Gay Best Friend'. See the trailer here

MARCH 2013
Guest Update:
Let the trial begin! We're delighted to welcome Michael Jayston (The Valeyard) to Regenerations. We'll also be joined by Planet of the Ood writer Keith Temple as a celebrity steward.

Guest Update:
The Troughton Companions reunion is on! In addition to Anneke and Wendy, it's our great pleasure to welcome Deborah Watling (Victoria) and Frazer Hines (Jamie). And, as if that weren't enough, we have a Wizard and a Daemon, with 7th Doctor/Radagast the Brown, Sylvester McCoy and Stephen Thorne (Azal/Omega/Eldrad)! See our current guest list here

Event Update: Louise Jameson has offered to put on a performance of her play 'My Gay Best Friend' (co-written and performed with Nigel Fairs) on the Saturday evening at Regenerations. Tickets are £8, for full details click here

Guest Update: Avon calling! We're delighted to welcome Who/Blake's 7 actor Paul Darrow to Regenerations. Paul is sponsored by Big Finish.

Guest Update: The Big Finish crew are back! It's our pleasure to welome David Richardson (producer), Ken Bentley (director) and Matt Fitton (writer). See our current guest list here

Guest Update:
It's guests galore! We're delighted to welome back Anneke Wills (it wouldn't be Regenerations without her!), Terry Molloy, Peter Roy and Barry Noble. See our current guest list here

Guest Update: We regret that Gary Russell is now unable to attend. However, please welcome Regenerations first timer Michael Kilgarriff. Michael has twice portrayed the Cyber Controller (in 1967 and 1985), as well as the title role in Robot and an Ogron in Frontier in Space.

Guest Update: Happy New Year! We're delighted to welcome back our two regular guest interviewers, Charlie Ross and David Bickerstaff.

Guest Update:
It's our pleasure to announce our latest guest, from classic and new series Who, Colin Spaull. Colin has appeared in Revelation of the Daleks and Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel. See our current guest list here

Guest Update:
We're delighted to be able to add to our growing companion collection with the news that we'll be joined by Wendy Padbury, who played 2nd Doctor companion Zoe.

Guest Update: It's our great pleasure to welcome two Regenerations stalwarts as guest interviewers, Gary Russell and Lisa Bowerman. Plus, appearing in Doctor Who in 2013 and returning to Regenerations, renowned film actor David Warner. See our curent guest list here.

Guest Update:
Take your partners for the last waltz! Regenerations 2013 will take place on 21st-22nd September 2013 at the Village Hotel Swansea, UK. Kicking off our guest roster we're delighted to be able to welcome FOUR companions, Sophie Aldred (Ace), Louise Jameson (Leela), Peter Purves (Steven Taylor) and Mark Strickson (Vislor Turlough), plus visual effects wizard Mike Tucker.

Event Update:
Many thanks to all our guests, attendees and volunteers, we hope you all had a wonderful time. Watch this space for news of Regenerations 2013, and in the meantime visit our 2012 gallery here

The Regenerations Archive - see what happened at past Regenerations here.

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