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Regenerations 2009 photo gallery
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With many thanks to our guests for making Regenerations a very special convention: Sir Derek Jacobi, Sophie Aldred, Trevor Baxter, Christopher Benjamin, Isla Blair, Lisa Bowerman, Phil Collinson, Nicholas Courtney, Ben Craze, Peter Craze, Paul Marc Davis, Hugh Futcher, Simon Guerrier, Graeme Harper, Philip Madoc, Katy Manning, Terry Molloy, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Spaull, Mary Tamm, Stephen Thorne, Anneke Wills, MC Gary Russell and interviewers Charlie Ross, David Bickerstaff and Sean Carlsen.


Sophie Aldred Sophie Aldred and Sylvester McCoy

1. Let's get this party started...

2. The ageless Sophie Aldred
3. Sophie and Sylvester reminisce
Terry Molloy interviewed Supreme Dalek Terry Molloy
4. Charlie Ross interviews Terry Molloy
5. Supreme Dalek on the bridge!
6. Terry and Davros, but which is which?
Philip Madoc Anneke Wills Colin Spaull
7. Philip Madoc, 'your name vill also go in the book!'
8. Anneke Wills
9. Colin Spaull (and bodyguard!)
Gary Russell Sir Derek Jacobi and Philip Madoc Monsters
10. Master of ceremonies, Gary Russell....
11. ... and THE Master, Sir Derek Jacobi, with Philip Madoc
12. Army of monsters
Christopher Benjamin Trevor Baxter Graeme Harper
13. Back together, Jago (Christopher Benjamin)...
14. ... and Litefoot (Trevor Baxter)
15. Director supreme, Graeme Harper
Mary Tamm Isla Blair and Sir Derek Hugh Futcher
16. Mary Tamm... 'did I mention my book?'
17. Isla Blair and Sir Derek
18. Hugh Futcher
Phil Collinson Paul Marc Davis Lisa Bowerman
19. Phil Collinson
20. Paul Marc Davis with Trickster prosthetic
21. Professor Summerfield, Lisa Bowerman
Terry Molloy Peter Craze
Sean Carlsen
22. The huggable Terry Molloy!
23. Peter Craze
24. Sean Carlsen
Katy Manning
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Sir Derek
25. The irrepressable Katy Manning
26. 'There is one thing you have to know...
Philip Madoc and Sir Derek Jago and Litefoot Sir Derek and Anneke Wills
27. Philip Madoc and Sir Derek
28. Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter remember Talons
29. Sir Derek and Anneke Wills
Katy and William Sylvester and William Anneke and William
30. Attendee William Marles with Katy Manning
31. 7th Doctor in stereo! William and Sylvester McCoy
32. William and Anneke Wills
Lisa Bowerman Auction
Sophie and Phil
33. Lisa Bowerman
34. Charlie gets a helping hand from Anneke in the auction
35. Sohie and Phil
Mary Tamm Isla, Sir Derek and Anneke Davros
36. Mary Tamm and 'friend'
37. Isla, Sir Derek and Anneke
38. Head of Davros
Katy Manning Nicholas Courtney Photos by: 1-14, 15-22, 24 Mark Freshney and Ava Richardson, 25-29 Stephen Broome, 30-32 Darren Marles, 14, 23, 33-41 Carwyn John, 42 Hayden Harris, 43 DAS Images.

If you have any photos from Regenerations you'd like to see in the gallery please email them to the webmaster here

39. Katy Manning
40. The Brig gets stuck in to signing
Farewell Sylvester and Philip Madoc
41. Farewell for another year 42. Solon 'helps' the Doctor to his car!
I Am The Master
43. Err, is he supposed to have that watch??

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