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Regenerations 2007 photo gallery
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Anneke Wills

Anna Hope The Dalek crew

1. Anneke Wills launches her autobiography

2. Anna Hope - Novice Hame
3. The Dalek crew - Nick Briggs, Barnaby Edwards and Nicholas Pegg
Dona Croll Movie Dalek Julian Glover interviewed
4. Dona Croll - Matron Casp
5. Movie Dalek on patrol
6. Julian Glover interviewed by David Bickerstaff
Will Thorp Beach art Paul Marc Davis
7. Will Thorp - Toby Zed, thankfully in unpossessed mode
8. The phantom beach artist strikes again
9. The Chieftain - Paul Marc Davis
Sophie Aldred Terry Molloy Nicholas Pegg
10. Sophie Aldred
11. Terry Molloy
12. Nicholas Pegg delighted at not being in a Dalek casing
Bernard Horsfall Colin Baker Colin shines Charlie's shoes
13. Bernard Horsfall
14. Colin unaware of the indignity about to befall...
15. ... as Charlie Ross orders a shoeshine
New Series Dalek Neath Male Voice Choir Blues Brothers Reloaded
16. Tooled-up Dalek
17. Neath Male Voice Choir raise the roof
18. The Blues Brothers Reloaded get on down
Anneke with Dany and Thomas Thomas and Louise Jameson
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19. Attendees Dany Ros and Martin Thomas with Anneke
20. Martin and Louise Jameson
Anni and Terry Molloy
Sean and K9 Tardis and K9
21. Attendee Anni Ruecroft with Davros, Terry Molloy
22. Sean Carlsen (Coordinator Narvin) poses with Anni's K-9
23. The Tardis gets a guard dog
Charlie and Colin Novice Hame Davros
24. Doctor's revenge - Colin tries a spot of Venusian Akido on Charlie Ross
25. Novice Hame's mask
26. Head and hands of Davros
Charlie and the Companions Farewell Photos by: 1-18 Mark Freshney, 19-20 Dany Ros, 21-23 Anni Ruecroft, 24-28 Carwyn John.
27. A new entry for X-Factor? Charlie and the Companions
28. Bidding farewell for another year

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