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regenerations swansea 2006
Sophie's son practices his autograph...
Organiser Cary with Ben Craze.
Roger Lloyd-Pack, "I'll sign this one to Dave"...
Louise Jameson and Charlie Ross sign coffee break certificates.
Terry Molloy, "I'm a teapot"...
Regenerations 2006, held on the weekend of 23rd-24th September at the Swansea Marriott hotel featured 32 guests from the world of Doctor Who. Our grateful thanks go to: Sylvester McCoy, Nicholas Courtney, Richard Franklin, John Levene, Louise Jameson, Sophie Aldred, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Jennie Linden, Alan David, Mark Strickson, Terry Molloy, Gabriel Woolf, Anneke Wills, John Leeson, Sean Carlsen, Kyoko Morita, Nick Briggs, Conrad Westmaas, Alan Ruscoe, Charlie Ross, Ben Craze, Clayton Hickman, Tom Spilsbury, Mike Tucker, Colin Brake, Steve Wickham, David Bickerstaff, Ian Farrington, Stuart Manning, Joe Lidster, Scott Handcock and Gary Russell.

Everything about the whole weekend was delightful from the setting through to all the guests and attendees. I haven't enjoyed myself so much in years. I found without exception that everybody was really friendly and I can't wait until next year. Jacky and Heather

Thank you for another great weekend at Regenerations. The line-up of guests was good again, and the scheduling of interviews and autograph sessions worked really well. Looking forward to next year already. Steve

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this past weekend. Your staff and that of the hotel did you proud. All as friendly and helpful as one could possibly wish for. It was a shame about the guests who were unable to attend, I really feel sorry for poor Maggie Stables, but those that were there more than made up for them. A much better selection than I had thought. Dino

Just wanted to say a huge "thanks" for your efforts with Regenerations 2006. Had a fantastic weekend. Alan David proved a particularly good guest and I hope you'll be able to get him back for future events. Dave

A big THANK YOU for organising (again) such a marvellous weekend. Everyone was so friendly and nice - I was actually sad to have to go home at the end!The organisation was excellent, and I was delighted that any teething-problems from the previous year had been resolved so superbly. The "star-guests" were all wonderful. The word 'family' is in danger of being over-used, but that's exactly how it felt. I particularly enjoyed the buffet/cabaret - more please! Ruth

Just a quick email to express our appreciation and thanks for last weekend. As convention "veterans" - my first was in 1994 so not as far back as some though! - we both had a great time and really enjoyed it. The organisation was great - everything ran pretty much on time which is rare in a convention ! Also your stewards were very friendly and even opening doors for us !! We loved the Saturday evening entertainment - the Male Voice Choir was a nice change from the norm. Aaron & Francis

Was another great weekend and looking forward to next year! The range of guests was good and it's still encouraging to see a mix of both classsic series guests and new ones, with the emphasis more swung to the fantastic classic series! Well done for organising such a great weekend! And can I just say also that Steve Wickham is perhaps the best Who Interviewer! Well done once more! Martin

I wish to thank you for a great event this past weekend, we enjoyed it all and we would like you to pass a special thank you to your entire cast. We enjoyed John Levene, he is a great person and if you could let him know that he made the weekend for us. Alex, Gail & Antonio

We attended the event at the weekend and wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it. Although seasoned convention attendees this was our first Regenerations and here are our comments & suggestions (well you did ask!). The venue was excellent, especially the main hall as it was wide and not too long so no one was very far back, and as the podium was raised all had a good view of the guests. The hotel facilities were good, the food and drink was not over priced and the hotel staff treated us well, and not as some strange inexplicable species. What really makes a convention is the quality of the guests and we were not disappointed, it was a good mix and although we have seen many of them many times before they were all interesting and entertaining. Must make reference to the excellent UNIT panel. This was no doubt helped by having knowledgeable and enthusiastic interviewers. We did feel however that Gary Russell was underused and would have like to have seen him conducting some interviews as well as compereing. You have an ideal location to offer some trips out to location spots - is this something that you could consider/ It would certainly give you an edge over other conventions. Overall we would rate the experience as an 8 out of 10. Not bad for such a new venture and congratulations on everything running to time, something in our experience that no other convention has ever managed to do. Barbara & Stephen

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